Minimum fund of RM60,000

Startup own physical or online shop

Stockpile required

Market survey by Sinar Utama Group

Include shop furnish

Products can be from Sinar Utama Group or other wholesalers

This program is appropriate for everyone who owns a physical fishing store, anyone who owns a fishing business, or anyone who wants to wholesale a significant quantity of goods with the requirement that they need to provide a photo of the store, show their SSM, and can join through:

To open a fishing shop through SUG ANGLERPRENEURSHIP, this programme is for anyone with a budget starting at RM60,000 who wants to invest in a fishing shop and manage it themselves. SUG’s team can offer advice for the setup of this shop and will also assist with suggestions that are suitable for the location, aside from that, SUG will also provide a quotation for fishing products, and explain what is needed to know before opening a fishing shop. Application can be made through WhatsApp at


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