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About Us

Sinar Utama Group is a company that handles all wholesale, supplier, retailer, importer, exporter, dealer, and agent activities related to fishing tackle.

Established in 2012 and started with providing courier services, cooperate with different courier organisations.

Years of Experience


SUG started off selling fishing tackle before gradually transitioning to wholesale.

After that, SUG also offered drop shipping, which is when a seller fills orders by purchasing goods as needed from a third party, generally a wholesaler or manufacturer, and at the same time offers international shipping services to send parcels or documents to customers abroad.

Get to know SUG

In 2013, SUG started to involve mostly into fishing equipment sector with at least 78 different brands of products.

These brands include international brands, such as Shimano from Japan and many more

More variety than you think

It supplies dealers and tackle shops with a variety of fishing equipment with more than
three thousand models ranging from affordable to high end brands.

The company currently supply products to 150 dealers and tackle shop nationwide.

Currently, SUG serves as the primary supplier for its subsidiary, 1STOPFISHING Malaysia.